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"Where other cleaning companies stop, Pijnen Solutions just keeps steaming!"

Pijnen Solutions is the company that specializes in this form of thorough cleaning. We all know the feeling, the grind, the recurring ritual, or the hours of grinding on your knees. Fortunately, thanks to us, this is changing. We as Pijnen Solutions believe that there is a solution for every "problem". We proceed with the aforementioned intention. We are convinced that we can make individuals and companies feel better through environmentally friendly cleaning. Our steam cleaning is successful where cleaning fails. Steam cleaning is a way of cleaning that is much more effective than cleaning with a regular cloth. With a cloth you do remove dirt, but a lot of dirt remains in seams and cracks. Moreover, a lot of dirt is moved with a cloth. This makes your interior or exterior appear clean, but it remains superficial. In addition, cleaning agents often have harmful effects on health. Very annoying for you, but especially for your pets and children.


Steam cleaning is eco-friendly, hardly consumes water and is low in price. It has a very short drying time because little water is used. It does not cause allergic reactions and it does not leave behind chemical smells that are bad for pets or children. That is precisely the reason that we now opt for steam cleaning. It is effective, works efficiently and your car, boat or caravan or any other object will look like new again!

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Our steam cleaning:

✔️A thorough disinfectant cleaning.

✔️Environmentally friendly due to minimal water consumption.

✔️Removes dirt and bacteria without chemicals.

✔️ Steam has a very short drying time.

✔️Removes dirt in hard to reach places.

✔️No allergic reactions and safe for humans and animals.

✔️The cleaned room smells like new again!

✔️Removes almost any stain.

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